Hotkey Reference

This reference covers the keys used to control lnav. Consult the built-in help in lnav for a more detailed explanation of each key.

Spatial Navigation

Keypress     Command
Space PgDn   Down a page
b Backspace PgUp Up a page
j Return Down a line
k   Up a line
h   Left half a page. In the log view, pressing left while at the start of the message text will reveal the source file name for each line. Pressing again will reveal the full path.
Shift + h Shift +   Left ten columns
l   Right half a page
Shift + l Shift +   Right ten columns
Home g   Top of the view
End G   Bottom of the view
e Shift + e   Next/previous error
w Shift + w   Next/previous warning
n Shift + n   Next/previous search hit
> <   Next/previous search hit (horizontal)
f Shift + f   Next/previous file
u Shift + u   Next/previous bookmark
o Shift + o   Forward/backward through log messages with a matching “opid” field
y Shift + y   Next/prevous SQL result
s Shift + s   Next/prevous slow down in the log message rate
{ }   Previous/next location in history

Chronological Navigation

Keypress   Command
d Shift + d Forward/backward 24 hours
1 - 6 Shift + 1 - 6 Next/previous n’th ten minute of the hour
7 8 Previous/next minute
0 Shift + 0 Next/previous day
r Shift + r Forward/backward by the relative time that was last used with the goto command.


Keypress Command
m Mark/unmark the top line
Shift + m Mark/unmark the range of lines from the last marked to the top
Shift + j Mark/unmark the next line after the previously marked
Shift + k Mark/unmark the previous line
c Copy marked lines to the clipboard
Shift + c Clear marked lines


Keypress Command
? View/leave builtin help
q Return to the previous view/quit
Shift + q Return to the previous view/quit while matching the top times of the two views
a Restore the view that was previously popped with ‘q/Q’
Shift + a Restore the view that was previously popped with ‘q/Q’ and match the top times of the views
Shift + p Switch to/from the pretty-printed view of the displayed log or text files
Shift + t Display elapsed time between lines
t Switch to/from the text file view
i Switch to/from the histogram view
Shift + i Switch to/from the histogram view
v Switch to/from the SQL result view
Shift + v Switch to/from the SQL result view and move to the corresponding in the log_line column
p Toggle the display of the log parser results
Tab Cycle through colums to graph in the SQL result view
Ctrl + l Switch to lo-fi mode. The displayed log lines will be dumped to the terminal without any decorations so they can be copied easily.
Ctrl + w Toggle word-wrap.
Ctrl + p Show/hide the data preview panel that may be opened when entering commands or SQL queries.
Ctrl + f Toggle the enabled/disabled state of all filters in the current view.
x Toggle the hiding of log message fields. The hidden fields will be replaced with three bullets and highlighted in yellow.


Keypress Command
Ctrl + R Reset current session.


Keypress Command
/ Search for lines matching a regular expression
; Execute an SQL query
: Execute an internal command, see Command Reference for more information
| Execute an lnav script located in a format directory.
Ctrl + ] Abort the prompt